AstroDuct HVAC

  • Filter housing for filters with a 25 mm flange
  • Made of Aluzinc
  • Thickness of insulation: 50 mm
  • Door hinged on the left or right hand side
  • For multiple filters: aluminum profile construction

AstroDuct HVAC is a flexible and compact range of filter housings for bag filters and other filter types with a 25 mm frame. The housing walls is a sandwich design with 50 mm heat and condensation insulation between, covered with aluzink sheet metal inside and outside (corrosivity class C4). The service hatch is hinged mounted. The endless gasket on the inside of the service hatch makes it highly airtight. The filter housing is supplied with a guide connection and a flange connection is available as an option. Hinged access doors that are provided on the filter section allow ease of access to and installation and removal of particulate and/or gas phase filters. Access doors shall have the same construction as the enclosure panels described above. The access doors are equipped with “twist and clamp” style locking handles that clamp the door into position after the door has been closed.

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Museum & Historic Storage
  • Airports
  • Healthcare
  • Food & Beverage
  • Animal Science
  • Data Centers
Höhe (mm) 392, 692, 695, 985, 1290, 1880