DriPak GC

  • ISO 16890: ePM1
  • Fits all ventilation installations with 25 mm guide rails
  • Double effect, removes both particles and gases
  • Low CO2 footprint by virtue of smart design
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Maximum operating temperature 50°C
  • Maximum relative humidity 70%

The AAF DriPak GC combination bag filter is a newly-developed particle and molecular filter suitable for use in all types of existing ventilation installations. This reasonably priced filter not only protects against harmful particles, but also against nitrogen dioxide NO2, sulphur dioxide SO2, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), PAHS and Ozone. By simply replacing your standard filter with DriPak GC you create a healthier indoor environment with enhanced well-being and often resulting in a better experienced job satisfaction with higher productivity.

The filter is a combination filter designed to remove both particles and molecules. The filter can remove 60% of fine air particles with a size < 0,4 μm and the carbon layer can decrease the levels of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone and VOCs. The filtration material is made of microglass and the gas filtration layer is made of activated carbon granules. Thanks to the strong structure of the material, these filters are easier to handle and keep their shape. The material used in the frame is metal. The inner and outer frames of the filters are made of galvanized steel. To ensure tightness, the filter pockets are glued to the outer frame. Correct opening of the filter pockets is ensured by using distance holders sewn into the fabric; reliable and correct functionality as well as high dust holding capacity are thus ensured. The sewing seams are sealed with hot melt glue. The filter is very easy to assemble to a normal installation frame.

Studies show that urban environments with high levels of traffic often demand a significantly better protection of indoor environments than conventional standard filters can achieve.

Increased traffic and a greater proportion of diesel vehicles in today’s urban areas generate high levels of very small particles (PM2,5) and VOCs. When they react with air, in a chain of

chemical reactions, oxidizing substances are created which irritate eyes, throat and damage the lungs. It is therefore very important to review the filter requirements of buildings and

properties in inner cities and arterial roads. The problems with high particle and gas levels can intensify during days when temperature inversions significantly raise the local pollution levels and create smog. Sometimes unfavorable winds can suddenly make it possible for high levels of pollutants to be sucked in through the air intakes.

The DriPak GC filter protects against harmful particles, PM2,5, PM1 and gases such as SO2, NO2, Ozone as well as VOCs, volatile hydrocarbons and PAHS, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Schools & Universities
  • Museum & Historic Storage
  • Airports
  • Material Processing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Waste Water Treatment
ISO 16890 ePM1
Medientyp Synthetisches Medium mit Aktivkohle
Dichtungsmaterial Neopren
Rahmenmaterial Galvanisierter Stahl
Filtertiefe (mm) 635, 525
Maximale Betriebstemperatur 50°C
empfohlener Enddruckverlust max. 450 Pa
empfohlener Luftvolumenstrom 75% - 125%
Feuchtebeständigkeit 100% relative humidity